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Information on meal space

Depending on the room you are staying in "View Dome Restaurant" "Main Building Restaurant"
We have 2 restaurants available.

  • Observation dome restaurant

    Prospect dome restaurant where you can enjoy the streets of Mount Yufu and Yufuin.
    Enjoy meals with small birds singing in an open space.

    For meals to be eaten at the outlook restaurant,
    It is aimed at customers who have reserved the following rooms.

    ·◆Special Room◆Japanese + Western-style room 27 square meters twin (27 m²)[Non-smoking]
    ·◆Special Room◆Japanese + Western-style room 25 square meters twin (26 m²)[Non-smoking]
    ·◆Terrace villa & room with bath◆Japanese + Western room 21 m2 twin (22 m²)[Non-smoking]
    ·◆Terrace villa & bath◆Japanese + Western-style room 18 square meters twin (18 m²)[Non-smoking]

    • 【A5 Loin Steak 100g plan】
      ◇◆A5 Loin Steak 100g plan◆◇
      Popular No.1 super size plan!
      Enjoy local loin steak 100g and multi-course meals!
      Both taste and volume are satisfied! Packed the season of Oita
      Please enjoy kaiseki cuisine with steak.
    • 【A creative Japanese meal plan a friendly inn that is unpretentious】
      ◆◇Oita Prefecture pork-shabu kaiseki cuisine◆◇
      Standard Plan, Creative Japanese food
    • 【Pork shabu-nabe plan of Oita Prefecture Kinunmo pork for 9,800 yen (tax included) per person】
      ◆◇Oita Prefecture pork-shabu kaiseki cuisine◆◇
      10 pairs a day! Dinner and breakfast only for weekday guests
      Alone at 9800 yen (tax included) available!
      This is the most exciting plan with a dinner & breakfast plan at this facility!
      At this opportunity I was nurtured by the rich nature of Oita Prefecture
      Please enjoy the ingredients!
    • 【Breakfast plan】
      炊fresh warm rice is rice a little of Ajimu is located in the northern rice Ajimu from the inn finest rank of Special A certified rice, and food than usual because the increase cook the rice in your water of Yufuin progresses you It has been well received.
  • Main building restaurant

    Please enjoy your meal in a calm atmosphere.

    For meals to be served at the main building restaurant,
    It is aimed at customers who have reserved the following rooms.

    ·【Villa building with outdoor bath】Twin Room 14 m² Japanese-style room / large public bath
    ·【Villa building with outdoor bath】Twin room 14 square meters / barrier-free
    ·【Main building】Row bed with 18 sq.m. Modern Japanese-Style / Public Bath
    ·【Main building】Twin room with 10 sq.m / public bath
    ·【Little birds away】Roed bed 21 square meters western + western style / large public bath
    ·【Little birds away】Twin room with 10 sq.m / public bath
    • Dinner image(Kaiseki Meal)
      For dinner, we use ingredients conscious of "now season", the balance of western and international is exquisite
      We will prepare creative party cuisine.

       ·Sesame tofu
       ·Salmon Carappcio
       ·Grilled pottery(pork·Ellinghi·carrot·pumpkin·green pepper·Onion)
       ·Savory egg custard
       ·Vegetables and Penne gratin
       ·Tempura (chicken, shrimp, kusi, shishito)
       ·cooked rice

      ※It may be different depending on the season and purchase situation.
    • Dinner image(Kaiseki Meal)
    • Dinner image(Kaiseki Meal)
    • Dinner image(Ribulose steak from Oita prefecture)
      For guests booking with a plan, the Japanese and Western balanced exquisite creative party cuisine
      We will prepare ribulose steak (100 g) from Oita Prefecture.

      For regular dinner cuisine
      Steak 100 g 2,160 yen
      Steak 200 g 3,240 yen
      It is also possible to add it separately.