【Official】Oyado Kotori No Tayori

Recommended Plan

  • ◆Choose Benefits &Yufuin Pot plan◆<Popularity No 1> All you can say selfishly! 2 favorite favorites from "popular 5 benefits"【

    +......................................... +
    This facility is supported by everyone and the Kyushu area
    Winning 3rd place prize selling well inn
    +......................................... +
    To commemorate 5 plus benefits plan
    Pot of choice Kaiten Kaiten Cooking plan will be offered as Dodon!
    Please also choose the other one-night cuisine dishes

    ■□5 benefits you can choose□■Please select "2" from the following
    1."Extra rare" Californian wine "Full bottle 1
    ※I will make it one per pair.
    2."Amenity set to be beautiful" Female only!
    3."Early check-in" from 14 o'clock!
    Four."Kimono rental dressing free"!
    Five."Pleasant transportation service"
    Whether you are accommodation at the time of booking
  • ◆Standard Plan◆Kyushu first! Oita Bungo Cattle Beef cutlets Kaiseki cuisine【2 Meals Included】

    Oita Bungo cattle 's beef cut meat dish!
    "Oita Bungo Cow" who won "No 1" at the 2001 Competition
    It's frosty, as melting as "fleshy"
    If you taste one's mouth, condensed rich flavor and sweetness will spread
    Volume of precious meat boasting "top class" in any of them
    Please eat deliciously the finest taste offered in full of beef cutlets

    A rich variety of breakfast using hot cooked rice and local ingredients
    Forest view restaurant that can overlook the restaurant full of openness · Yufuin

    ◆Rooms & Onsen◆
    Guest room with 24 hour hot spring sinking and 100% hot spring is in guest room, Also big bathroom and full sky starry sky
    You can enjoy an outdoor bath where you can watch. Usage scene and
  • ◆Hotel only WEB◆Rare wine+Creative cuisine with steak dish

    【① 2009, Voilà California Pinot Noir Trio (USA)】
    ◆Unsold rare wine in Japan◆
    It is a wine extracted from fruits bred in the blessed soil of California.
    Very well-balanced, as soon as you speak, a flavorful fragrance spreads out.

    【② 2011 Running Horse Creek President's Merlot (USA)】
    ◆Unsold rare wine in Japan◆
    A delicious taste that was extracted from that Merlot grape and became a multiple layer.
    Carefully polished tannin firmly supports Merlot with beautiful and excellent skeleton,
    I will make a long finish.

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